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Improve Your Business with Custom Trailers Manufactured in Alberta

Oasis Trailer Mfg Ltd manufactures a wide range of trailers in Rolling Hills, Alberta for the convenience of businesses and industries. Our trailers are built using quality steel from local suppliers. When you invest in Canadian-made equipment, you’re sure to receive a durable product that’s made for the unique conditions of our beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Our trailers can be designed to meet your individual requirements to help you improve efficiency in the workplace. Listed below are the types of trailers we manufacture:

Utility & Economy Trailers

Transportation of lawn mowers or machinery is easier with these trailers.

Landscape & Dump Trailers

Avoid the physical exertion of manually loading and unloading of tree branches, gravel and more.

ATV Trailers & Truck Decks

Transport your recreational vehicles such as ATVs with comfort.

Car Hauler & Equipment Trailers

Do you own a car dealership? Invest in our trailers and have your vehicles transported safely!

HBP (High Boys)

Customize your highboy trailer depending on the load and the size of the equipment you’ll be carrying.

Gooseneck Trailers

For vehicle-hauling, we can create a purpose-built trailer, as well as install an adjustable stanchion for your truck bed and underbody.

Specialty trailers

Require a unique trailer for your business? We sell and manufacture specialty trailers for your niche business requirements.

Tiny house trailers

Travel comfortably with our durable and strong mobile home trailers.

Tiny house trailers

We offer Office trailers custom to size, sled trailers, snow mobile trailers and custom trailers for motorcycles.

Contact us for a free estimate.

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