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Precision Custom Metal Work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, & British Columbia

We understand that not every component will fit in every job. Finding the right metal piece off the shelf can take so much of your time. For all these reasons, custom metal work is called for. Oasis Trailer Mfg Ltd offers custom metal manufacturing services across Alberta, Saskatchewan, & British Columbia. We have a fully-equipped facility and well-maintained equipment to ensure that each metal part manufactured matches our highest quality standards and our customers’ metal part needs. Our scope of custom metalwork services involve gravemarkers, memorial grave markers, memorial benches, firepits, signs and signages, as well as other metal parts. From simple metal pieces to large grave markers or signages with complex geometry, we can do it all for you.

Our Capabilities

Utility & Economy Trailers

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our precision custom metal fabrications services help you make a statement!

Landscape & Dump Trailers

Memorial and Grave Markers

Our fully customizable memorial and grave markers look elegant and come in budget!


Extensive Possibilities

With our skilled and experienced personnel, the custom metal work possibilities are endless!

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