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Customized Enclosed Trailers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia

We offer Office Trailers Custom to size, Sled Trailers, Snow Mobile Trailers and Custom Trailers for Motorcycles.

Enclosed trailers are versatile. You can use them to haul a number of things like cleaning equipment, cars, machinery parts, motorcycles, snow mobiles and more. You can even turn your enclosed trailer into a mini-office. At Oasis Trailer Manufacturing Ltd. we strive to provide the best trailers for personal and commercial use. Along with standard trailers, we offer customizations as well. We will make sure that your office trailers are customized to the size of your preference.


All Oasis Enclosed Trailers come standard with:

  • 1.25x1.25 .065 HSS Studs and roof trusses on 16” centres

  • .040 Rivet-less Aluminum Exterior installed with 3M VHB Tape

  • 3/8” Plywood on Interior walls

  • +3/4” T+G Floor

  • Torsion Axles

  • Aluminum Wheels

  • CANADIAN DOT Wiring rated to -65

  • Primed and Painted Frame

Our range of trailers include:

  • Sled trailers

  • Snow mobile trailers

  • Custom trailers for motorcycles

Custom Sled and Motorcycle Trailers.

Oasis Trailer Manufacturing provides you with quality enclosed snowmobile, ATV, and Motorcycle trailers. We manufacture a huge variety of steel and aluminum models for all your sledding needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic 2-place or a premium 4-place with all the features, or something in-between, we have the trailer you need to haul your toys safely. Our trailers offer convenient loading and unloading capabilities to get you off the trailer and onto the terrain in no time. Available with rear doors, side access door, and single or tandem torsion axles. Already loaded with top-of-the-line standard features! Oasis Trailers can be manufactured and designed to your specifications.

We want the best for our customers. We are happy to discuss a project with you. You can call us to get a quote.

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