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Memorial and Grave Marking in Alberta, Saskatchewan, & British Columbia

Do you want to pay a special tribute to your loved ones that will stand the test of time? Trust our experienced custom metal fabricators to create everlasting grave markers, and more that allow you to memorialize your loved ones or pets in a sophisticated and time-honoured manner. With endless customization possibilities, we can create a perfect grave marker catering to virtually any traditions and any gravesite. We can also do unique custom metal markers, custom benches, a hand-finish plaque to give your grave marker an enhanced look. 

Red Bench
Metal Bench 2
Metal Bench

We Work on a Variety of Requests, Including

Metal Cross Grave Markers
Custom Grave Markers
Bench Grave Markers
Memorial Grave Markers
Pet Grave Markers
Infant Grave Markers
Veteran Grave Markers
Individual Grave Markers
Companion Grave Markers

Honour Your Loved Ones In A Special Way

Let us help you create the perfect grave marker you have envisioned!

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